Anthroponix hk

ANTHROPONIX HK is supported by Design Trust (The Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design), Creative Instrustries Fund NL, Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, and, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

ANTHROPONIX an ethno-botanical research-in- progress initiated in collaboration with Markus Wernli. It invites citizens to reconnect with biological circulations of nonhuman life through the innermost fluids of their bodies. This form of "participatory urban metabolism" seeks much more intimate enablement in our interactions with our biophysical foundation. The aim of this citizen science study is to explore what dialogues occur in the process of re-relating our human organism biologically with the natural world.

During the research period in Hong Kong 21 participants were asked to take part in a six-week long, exploratory horticultural trial to investigate how their lifestyle choices can impact the flourishing of plants. They were asked to collect and hygienize tiny amounts of their urine for analysis and application as odor-free plant fertilizer in a water-based horticulture system 'Anthroponics '. Stabilization and sanitation of the urine is accomplished by fermentation via inoculation of lactobacilli akin to kimchi or yoghurt.

More info and a video coming soon