future scenarios

Vegetalize, the future of health care, is a speculative approach that reflects an opposition to the idea of nature as fragile system in the need of human protection. It reverse the roles where humans had become the endangered species, that to be able to survive we will need plants skills, to help us to overcome the impact we have made not only on the environment but consequently on ourselves. With the what if question I envision fictitious realities to provoke our current perception and to explore future interdependence between human and plants.



Humans also produce VOCs while exhaling. What if plants would be able to detect and predict illness through a person’s breath? Could plants produce the antidote by emitting specific VOCs in response to the exhale composition of the person? A personalized air?



Its known that some plants resemble human organs, and that they have a physiological impact in that same organ. What if in the future we would transplant plants as support systems to human organs? Plants as an extension of ourselves, growing directly connected to the human body in a symbiotic relation? What would be the consequences of that? Would we be able to pollinate each other?.


Plant dialysis

Due to the extreme use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in our food crops, human diseases caused by the ingestion of those toxic components might find their solution in plants ability to detoxify the environment, such as Phytoremediation. What if living plants could help to remediate our body contaminants and detoxify ourselves from the same chemicals that we once used to poison them? The World Health Organization estimates that there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year, and up to 220,000 deaths. In the future we will need plant detoxification abilities, to be able to survive and overcome our self-contaminated environment.