Nature bubbles

speculative visions of nature

Nature bubble is a series of insights that speculate on how we will experience nature in the future. Most often, our relationship with nature is based in control and domination. Today, with more awareness, we seem to became “nature friendly”, trying to integrate and bring back the natural environment to our homes and cities. But my interest lies on how this relation could take different paths and to question the role of nature in the urban landscape. Can this control and domination be used to empower wilderness and provide different contexts for nature inside the urban space? Or what if this relation of power in the future occurs to be the other way around? Could we develop a direct symbiotic relationship with plants? Is nature the new investment for the future?


Controlled wilderness

Enclosed bubbles inside the urban space where wilderness and spontaneous nature will be able to develop in the absence of human interventions.


Flying gardens

Suspended bubbles in the sky will provide environment for new ecosystems on a higher level within the cities.


Autonomous nature

In the future plants will be living connected within systems that will allow them to control their own specific needs, to move around and behave independently without human control. And maybe...even be able to supervise us.


Symbiotic nature

Humans and plants with direct metabolic relations. What would happen if plants could grow connected with our nervous system? Could we benefit of plants intelligence and abilities? Would they be able to manipulate us?